That’s why I have always been timid about sitting on someone’s face. I’m a thick girl. You need air to breathe. I’m not being the cause of anyone’s death. Imagine your obituary, “Died at 9:09 pm from suffocation of ass.” And your family members at the funeral glaring at me. No thank you.

and guys be like “no put your weight on me I can handle it” but can really die tho.

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King Baby says No


King Baby says No

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dream date: we get chinese food delivered, it’s raining, i take a shower in your shower (it must be a nice shower with good water pressure), you let me wear your clothes after i shower, you have a cat that i can pet, we watch movies, i fall asleep in your bed for like fifteen hours, you fall in love with me

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Aesthetic witch: a witch who decorates the fuck out of their living space, work space, and wardrobe and that’s their spells. All of it. They create spells with the items they choose, with the way things are arranged.

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when you’re half black and still dont have rhythm

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*wears the same outfit as yesterday* vintage

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What are some cool sex positions

standing at the ATM handin me all ur money

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#this is not an exaggeration okay #children do say this #children do wonder why they can’t find themselves in the media #don’t fucking tell me it doesn’t matter #it matters so much #children NEED to see themselves represented #or else they grow up feeling inferior and not worthy

No I have to reblog this again cus I am crying right now look at the dads face

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Eye Button Artwork by Elodie Antoine

Eye Button Artwork by Elodie Antoine

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